Receiving & Stores

Receiving & Stores is part of Materials Management and is located on the north side of the campus at:

New Receiving & Stores Warehouse (Building 93)
9647 Poplar Ln
Charlotte, NC 28223

Receiving & Stores sells some of the following items:

  • Copy Paper
  • 200 item answer sheets
  • Various chair models
  • Sit to stand workstations
  • Paper towels and bath tissue

Check out all of our products in our 49er Mart punchout.

Mission Statement

The Receiving & Stores department is committed to supporting the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s mission by offering service to the campus community with the highest ethical standards encompassing professionalism, responsiveness and fiscal responsibility.  We are committed to excellence in customer service with accurate and timely handling, distribution and processing all inbound and outbound shipments.  With experienced staff and specialized equipment, we are able to receive, document and deliver almost any item to the University Community.

Main Line: 704-687-0372

NEWS:  The Receiving and Stores department has a number of free HP printers for departmental use.  If you are interested in one of these printers please email Scott Brechtel.


The vision of Receiving & Stores is to provide the University community with an efficient and economical system that ensures quick delivery for compressed gasses, paper supplies and Staples orders received at Receiving & Stores.

We realize that we are a vital link between the campus community including staff, facility, students and the rest of the world; we are committed to providing the highest level of care and service to the campus community in all of our tasks and duties.

Receiving & Stores strives to accomplish this by:

Providing same day service utilizing appropriate sized vehicles to reduce congestion and use appropriate technology to provide tracking and tracing information.

Provide cost-effective, value-added freight quotes utilizing discounted freight contracts.

Collaboration and teamwork throughout the community of stakeholders.

Building community through respect and appreciation for individual differences.


Ron Greer

Materials Management, Receiving & Stores
Warehouse Manager

Larry Barfield

Materials Management, Receiving & Stores
Storeroom Manager

Cindy Shores

Materials Management, Receiving & Stores
Material Handling Specialist

Tom Quinn

Materials Management, Receiving & Stores
Material Handling Specialist


Materials Management, Receiving & Stores
Material Handling Specialist