Mobile communication device review/renewals due May 31

It’s time for the annual renewal of Mobile Communication Device (MCD) allowances!

Actions required by May 31, 2023

Important reminders

  • Business use justification — Employees are required to provide the “substantial noncompensatory business reason” for the allowance. Use language that includes at least one of the following examples: The employee’s job duties require them to be…
    • Available at all times (24/7) for work-related emergencies; and/or
    • Routinely available at times outside the normal work schedule; and/or
    • Routinely available when the employee is away from the duty station (during normal working hours). Reference this FAQ for further teleworking guidance.
  • Allowance amount — Employees should select an allowance amount to cover only their anticipated business-related MCD charges.
    • Departments may establish their own internal guidelines and/or definition of “business-related” when considering an acceptable percentage of total costs incurred by the employee; however, the allowance amount selected should not exceed the employee’s portion of actual monthly service charges incurred. Reference this FAQ for examples of how to determine the employee’s portion of actual monthly service charges for shared plans where there is more than one adult phone line (persons 18 years of age or older).
    • MCD equipment charges, including insurance/protection plans, are not covered by this allowance.
    • If selecting the “Other Amount” option, round to the nearest whole dollar.
  • Supporting documentation — Employees are required to provide a copy of their most recent monthly bill or service provider contract with the request form. Reference this FAQ for further guidance on supporting documentation.
  • Central Office Approvals — Rates exceeding the average rate (i.e., Exceptions) require vice chancellor (VC) for Business Affairs approval. All requests are reviewed by the assistant controller – Tax and payroll before processing through payroll. Employees, supervisors and department heads or delegates will be notified if additional justification, documentation, and/or resubmission is needed.
  • MCD allowances will not be processed retroactively. Refer to this FAQ for approval deadlines.
    • All MCD Allowances will automatically end on June 30 of the current fiscal year.
    • If a new employee starts before June 30, and is eligible for a MCD allowance, establish the new allowance FIRST using the MCD Allowance Request Form.
    • A renewal must still be requested for the next fiscal year.

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