Student and Temporary Employee Payroll Now Biweekly

Monday, March 2, 2020

Originally published 1/15/2020; updated 1/21/2020, 2/4/20, 2/6/20, 2/12/20, 2/21/20, 3/02/20

The Web Time Entry (WTE) transition from monthly to biweekly is complete! Effective March 1 users can begin using the WTE clock-in/out feature.

Financial Services and Human Resources have worked together to transition the student and temporary employee payroll to biweekly instead of monthly. Student and temporary workers who use WTE will begin to be paid every two weeks beginning in March. 

current and future state image

Why the change?

  • Less waiting. Increasing the frequency of pay better enables our student and temporary employees to meet their financial obligations.
  • You asked. We listened. This meets a longstanding request to better serve our student and temporary workers.
  • Student success. Contributes to student success efforts by making the option to work on campus more viable. Potential benefits of working for the University include gaining experience in students' field of study, convenience to other academic responsibilities,and networking with other University students, faculty, and staff.  

Transition and pay frequency

Last MONTHLY pay period Feb. 1 Feb. 29 March 4 March 13
First BIWEEKLY pay period March 1 March 14 March 18 March 27

After that, students and temporary employees will be paid every two weeks (i.e., April 10, April 24, May 8 and so on), two Fridays after the end of each pay period.

Process impact on you

  • Increase frequency to submit/approve timesheets. WTE employees and supervisors submit/approve timesheets every two weeks
    • ‚ÄčWTE timesheet approval deadlines will coincide with existing Kronos timesheet approval deadlines
    • In the unfortunate event that a timesheet is not submitted by the deadline, late timesheets will be handled the same way they are currently, by submitting information manually through departmental business officers
  • More accurate timekeeping. WTE clock-in/out functionality will be activated (rather than the current WTE setup that defaults to entering time manually)
    • Employees will still be able to enter time manually if necessary (as they do now) as long as a comment is added
    • Employees will still log in to WTE the same way they do today
    • Employees can access WTE via a mobile device
    • Punches in/out are automatically rounded to the closest 15-minute interval
    • Guidance will be updated/created to help departments navigate this new functionality

Watch the new WTE video tutorialEmail with any questions or feedback on biweekly payroll or the new clock-in/out feature. 

Related works in progress/resources updated

Important! Processes that are NOT changing

Please look for further communications about these changes through March 1. The support we have received related to these initiatives so far has been wonderful. Thank you to the focus group and so many others for being a part of this positive change!