Disbursement Cutoff Dates for Fiscal Year End

Purpose: The chart in the memo details the FY 2021-2022 disbursement cut-off dates for Financial Transaction Requests (FTR), Employee Student Direct Pay Requests (ESDPR), Purchase Order payments, and travel to be included in the current fiscal year. Expenses incurred after the dates noted, will be charged to the next fiscal year.

If you have additional questions regarding year-end cut-off dates, please email the respective office below:

Office Email
Budget Office budget-genfund@uncc.edu
Disbursements (Accounts Payable & Travel)

acctpay@uncc.edu or travel@uncc.edu

Financial Systems Support (e.g., Banner/49er Mart) finsystems@uncc.edu
General Accounting generalaccounting@uncc.edu
Purchasing purchasing@uncc.edu
Purchasing Card purchasingcard@uncc.edu

Note that a new calendar is published annually before the end of April.

Last Updated: 
April 19, 2022