Purchasing Card Spending Limits Updated July 1

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Please note the following updated purchasing card spending limits went into effect on July 1:

  • Single Transaction Limit – $5,000
  • Daily Transaction Limit – $15,000
  • Monthly Transaction Limit – $15,000

These adjustments are consistent with the main objectives of the University’s purchasing card program, which is to simplify payment processes for select low-dollar, high-volume business goods and services and ensure compliance with all required spending policies.

If a cardholder has a justifiable business need for a higher transaction limit for a single transaction or specific time frame they can request for a temporary increase. The Purchasing Card Administrator will evaluate the request.  Please note that splitting transactions to remain within the transaction limit, daily limit, or monthly limit is prohibited.

The Purchasing Card Reference Guide (PCRG) and Purchasing Card Manual have been updated to reflect these changes.