Obtaining and Using a UNC Charlotte Receipt Book

Obtaining a receipt book

  • Fill out section 1. of the Receipt Book Request Form and email it to bursar@uncc.edu.
  • They will receive your request and update the “Cashiers Only” portion of the form. They will then email you and let you know your book is ready for pick up. Please allow 2 hours for us to log your information and send you a return email that your book is available for pick up.
  • You must be a full time faculty or staff to request a book and you must bring your staff ID card with you to pick up your book. You are responsible for this book until it is checked back into the Cashiers.

depositing information

The Daily Deposit and Reporting Law (G.S. 147-77) require the depositing of all funds on a daily basis and to report the same on a daily basis. An exemption may be granted provided the funds to be deposited do not exceed $5000.00 and that they are deposited at least once per week. For additional information, see University Policy 602.4.

using the receipt book

A receipt must be written when receiving payment in cash. The receipt book consists of three copies. The top receipt should be given to the payee, the middle copy should stay with the department and the third copy stays in the book for cashier reconciliation purposes. You will need to bring this book to the Cashier’s Office each time you make a deposit. On the deposit form you should indicate the starting receipt and the last receipt included in the deposit. The cashier will add these receipts to make sure they balance with the deposit form and initial, date, and write down the Banner receipt number on the last receipt.

If you should need to void a receipt please write VOID in big letters across the receipt and all three copies MUST remain in the book. If the top copy has already been torn out, please staple or tape it back in.

When your event is over or all receipts have been used (whichever is first) please return the book back to the Cashier’s Office after all your deposits have been made. The cashier will sign it back in.

**If your receipt book is lost, we will notify the business manager/department head and inform them that you will no longer be able to collect monies on behalf of the department until the receipt book is found.**

If you have any questions regarding these procedures please email the Cashier’s Office at bursar@uncc.edu.

Last Updated: July 28, 2022