Consulting Services, How to Procure and Pay


Consulting services are services provided by a contractor who is not actively involved in the process being studied, but rather provides expert, outside insight or advisory services about how to complete a task or perform it more efficiently. They possess specialized knowledge, experience, expertise, or professional qualifications that make them ideally suited to provide insights and direction. Generally, consultants are not managed by University personnel and are tasked with analyzing the situation in the manner they deem to be best. After they have collected and analyzed their data, they provide recommendations to the University about how to complete or alter the subject matter in question.

Payment method:

The preferred method for paying for services meeting the definition listed above is to use 49er Mart. If the services are to be provided by an individual rather than a business, please follow the instructions on how to Pay for Independent Contractors.

Rationale and other considerations:

A sole-source agreement or RFP may be required for certain consulting services. Please refer to the Purchasing Manual for additional guidance.

How to do it:

1. Complete a written justification memo to explain why the work to be performed by the consultant cannot be reasonably accomplished by employees of the ordering department (refer to Purchasing Manual for additional guidance).

2. Written justification must be approved by Materials Management and the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

3. Login to 49er Mart, enter the request using the General Services form and attach a copy of the agreement.

Policies Procedures Forms / Links Training and Reference Materials
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Contact for additional questions:

Send an email to the Purchasing mailbox at or refer to the list of Purchasing contacts.

Last Updated: September 14, 2018