Software, How to Procure and Pay


Payment method

The primary method for purchasing computer software is to use 49er Mart, but purchasing card (p-card) use may also be acceptable on a case-by-case basis. However, before moving forward with any software or IT-related purchase, it must be reviewed and approved by OneIT. To begin this process, employees must complete the Software and IT-Related Contract Request form available on the OneIT website. Once the form is submitted, it will be sent to the Purchasing Office, which will work with OneIT to review it. If approved, the Purchasing Office will let the campus department know to complete the purchase.

Additionally, guidance is available on paying for mobile communication device (MCD) apps.

Rationale and other considerations

Orders are processed online through a web browser, depending on the type of supplier used. To begin, choose a supplier, select items and place them in your virtual shopping cart. After shopping, your cart proceeds to the checkout, where a requisition draft is created. Enter the appropriate accounting codes (e.g., fund, account) that your department will use for this order.

  • Placing the order prompts the workflow process to begin. Approvers are notified via email that an order is pending. The level of approvals required depends on the purchase type and the dollar amount. The final approval generates a purchase order (PO).
  • To receive the order, you must log in to 49er Mart. Receiving initiates payment to the vendor.

How to do it

  1. Log in to 49er Mart
  2. Click on the supplier’s logo (e.g., Dell, etc.)
  3. If the vendor is a punch-out supplier, you will be directed to the vendor’s site to shop for your item(s)
  4. Add the desired item(s) to your cart and click “Checkout” when finished ordering
  5. If the vendor does not have a catalog, you will enter the items as non-catalog and select the appropriate supplier
  6. Review the details of your order, and select “Proceed to Checkout”
  7. Select the appropriate accounting codes for your college/department
  8. Perform a final review and select “Place Order”


Email Purchasing at or refer to the list of Purchasing contacts.

Last Updated November 17, 2023