Goods and Services Already Provided, How to Pay

Payment method:

Complete an Electronic Check Request (eCR) Form within 49er Mart to request payment for goods or services that have already been provided and were not obtained through the issuance of a purchase order.

Note: eCRs cannot be created for employees or students. Please submit reimbursement for employees and students on an Employee & Student Direct Payment Request (ESDPR) Form.

Rationale and other considerations:

The eCR Form should be used to request payment for goods or services in situations where the department does not know the final cost of the service until it is completed, or if the department must obtain items in a true emergency situation before a purchase order is issued.

Please note that the use of an eCR Form should not replace the University’s standard purchasing process of submitting a requisition/approved purchase order through 49er Mart prior to procuring goods and services.

If such transactions are expected to be recurring in nature with a particular vendor, the department should consider establishing a Multi-Invoice Service Order to more efficiently process such payments. Contact your Purchasing Agent for additional information.

How to do it:

Follow the detailed eCR instructions in Canvas.

Policies Procedures Forms / Links Training and Reference Materials

University Policy 601.11, Purchasing Policy

State of NC Purchase and Contract Division, Administrative Code

University Policy 601.8, Appropriate Use of University Funds

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Contact for additional questions:

Send an email to the Purchasing mailbox at or refer to the list of Purchasing contacts.

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