Golf cart & utility vehicle disposition

Effective January 2023, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires citizens who purchase our old golf carts and utility vehicles through State Surplus Property auctions to produce a title when they go to register the vehicle with the state. As a result, the State Surplus Property Office will no longer post certain utility vehicles for auction on the state site if we do not provide the title. Golf carts and utility vehicles typically do not require a title, but if they have been upfitted with certain equipment as listed on the DMV’s website, they will require a title prior to disposition via public auction. These vehicles fall under the DMV category of “low-speed vehicles” and will require a title prior to auction if they have been upfitted with any of the equipment listed by the DMV on the North Carolina Department of Transportation website.

While securing a title will not be required at the time of purchase, we want the campus to be aware that a title will be required when the time comes to dispose of the vehicle via Surplus Property if it falls within the parameters established by the DMV. When a department’s currently operated golf cart/utility vehicle reaches the end of its service life and is ready to be turned in to Surplus Property, the specifics of the unit will be reviewed and the department may need to first secure a title to the vehicle. If necessary, the Purchasing Office will assist the department with securing a title at that time.