IRS mileage rate increase Jan. 1


Effective Jan. 1, 2023, the IRS increased the business standard mileage rate to 65.5 cents (up from 62.5 cents), which impacts all individuals who travel on University business.

Please start using these updated forms beginning with Jan. 1 travel. Adjustments will be made to comply with the new rate if old forms are submitted.

  • Travel Manual
    Note: In addition to the mileage rate update, clarifying language was added about when a flying vs. driving comparison should be completed (Sect. II.1.3.10) and Sect. II.1.4.1 includes a revised Travel Authorization approval requirement.
  • Travel Forms Package — Includes the Travel Authorization (TA) and Travel Reimbursement & Expense Report (TRER).
    • Employees can opt to take advantage of workflow routing capabilities within the University’s Imaging System by submitting an electronic TA (eTA) instead of a paper one. Learn more in this eTA FAQ.
  • Travel Advance Request
  • Mileage and Transportation Reimbursement Form (MTR)
    Note: If you have 2022, mileage to submit for reimbursement, use the 2022 MTR form.
  • Travel FAQsNote that using DocuSign to sign travel forms is encouraged.

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