Year-end disbursement calendar and reminders

To make fiscal year-end 2024 go as smoothly as possible, please review and observe the following year-end spending cutoff deadlines and other year-end reminders.

  • Complete receiving in 49er Mart for goods and services as you receive them with a goal of having all purchase orders (POs) received, invoiced and paid by Friday, June 14. Closely monitor all open purchase orders and submit the POs for encumbrance closure when the invoice payment status says “paid.”
  • Releasing PO encumbrances — If you have open POs with items that will never be received or invoiced, submit a Change Request to have those lines cancelled. If you have open POs that have all lines fully received and invoiced, email your purchasing agent or to request liquidation of the remaining encumbrance.
  • Disbursement cutoff dates — Be mindful and make note of the 2024 fiscal year-end disbursement cutoff dates.
  • Purchasing card (p-card) exception requests — You must request an exception before using your p-card to purchase software products, and all software requests must be approved by OneIT before the purchase is made. Note that this can delay ordering, especially as we get close to the fiscal year-end cutoff dates.
  • State requirements and competition waivers must be followed — Be mindful when entering requests, we are still required to follow all state-mandated procurement procedures. Allow enough processing time if fiscal year-end constraints are involved. We are not allowed to waive competitive requirements due to the use of funds that will expire at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Provide all required documents upfront — To ensure timely processing of your request, remember to provide all information related to your procurement request upfront. Feel free to contact your purchasing agent before you submit a requisition to clarify/confirm that you have all the required documents
  • You cannot pay an invoice prior to receipt of goods or rendering of the service to use current fiscal year funds before they expire.

If you have additional questions regarding year-end cut-off dates, please email the respective office below:

Disbursements (Accounts Payable & Travel) or
Financial Systems Support (e.g., Banner/49er Mart)