Forklift Use

Please follow this guidance when using a forklift.

Common carrier shipments

When a common carrier shipment arrives at Receiving & Stores, the owning department (consignee) is notified and either the freight will be unloaded at the Receiving & Stores warehouse, or the truck will be instructed to unload the items at the owning department’s location (building).

Request forklift assistance

If the department does not have the means to unload the merchandise at their location, they can request Receiving & Stores to assist them with unloading their merchandise using a forklift for a fee of $75.00.

Unloading at remote locations

If merchandise is requested to be unloaded at a remote location (other than the department’s physical location), a fee of $60.00 per hour with a one hour minimum will apply.

Forklift capabilities and usage

  • Receiving & Stores has a forklift capable of off-loading and moving about anything that a department may receive or that they may need relocated to another campus location.
  • Forklifts are for hard surface use only and will not be used in off-road conditions.