Supplier Diversity

At UNC Charlotte, we are committed to supplier diversity. We actively foster the inclusion and growth of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) by promoting their recruitment and engagement. Our primary goal is to ensure that these businesses, owned and operated by minorities, women and individuals with disabilities, have access to purchasing and contracting opportunities within our institution. Our employees can easily identify and support approved HUB vendors using the resources on this page. Meanwhile, interested vendors can learn more about becoming a University HUB supplier.

To be classified as a HUB, a business must be at least 51% owned and operated by one of these designated minority groups. Diversity in our supplier base strengthens our community and enhances the quality of our services.

Employees can help the University achieve its goal of increasing support for local HUBs by ordering office supplies and more from FSIoffice. FSIoffice is a woman-owned business located in Charlotte, NC. They provide a variety of office solutions and are an excellent choice for all your office supply needs. Employees can find their punch-out catalog in 49er Mart and place an order today!

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HUB suppliers offer a wide range of goods and services, including office supplies, furniture, and I.T. equipment and supplies. These vendors have been approved by the State and/or the University and are our recommended HUB suppliers. Employees are encouraged to contact them for quotes and submit their orders through 49er Mart. There are no bidding restrictions with these vendors.

Reference the HUB Furniture Suppliers on State Contract and the contracted HUB suppliers on State and University contracts.


Resources for vendors and our employees.

University Employees


  • NC Department of Administration (DOA) – HUB Legislation
  • University Policy 601.11, Purchasing Policy
  • NC DOA – HUB Business Resources
  • Doing Business with UNC Charlotte (presentation)
  • FAQs
    • Do I have to be HUB certified?
      You do not have to be HUB certified to conduct business with the University. However, certification is encouraged and preferred.
    • How do I register to do business with UNC Charlotte?
      If you are already working with someone at the University, you can ask them to have their Business Officer send you a New Supplier Invitation via email. However, if you are not working with someone at the University, you may request a New Supplier Invitation by emailing Once you submit the request, you will receive an electronic invitation to complete the registration process.
    • How do I find out about opportunities to do business?
      Check the NC Electronic Vendor Portal (NCEVP), where the university publishes its solicitations. You can register to receive notifications when new solicitations are published. However, for smaller purchases of everyday goods and services, solicitations are not posted. In these cases, businesses are encouraged to network with campus departments to inquire about needs and opportunities.

SUPPLIER Opportunities

Learn more about NC HUB programs and how to become a HUB certified vendor.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our HUB coordinators.