Meet Our Team

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Tina Lor
Third Party Billing/Receivables Technician
Tahnett Mack
Payroll Specialist
Student payroll & dual employment
Heather McLendon
Director of Financial Systems Support
Sandra Melton
Invoice Payment Specialist
Vendor invoices D-K
Tina Moody
Administrative Support Specialist
Laura Moody
Assistant Director Grant Cash Management
Daily responsibilities of the Grant Cash Management team
Ashley Mumford
Cash Management Specialist
Revenue tracking and reconciliation, invoicing, IUCRC and Affiliate programs for financial reporting
Cathy Nichols
Purchasing Card Payment Specialist
Tanya Nicholson
Senior Bursar Accounting Technician
Elizabeth Palian
Assistant Director of Financial Systems Support / Senior Systems Support Analyst
Amber Parks
Travel Payment Specialist
Individual’s last name/Vendor name: R-Z
Lauren Pickard
Senior Student Billing/Receivables Technician
Lynn Pritchard
Invoice Payment Specialist
Vendor Invoices R-Z
Cameron Reeder
Assistant Foundation Accountant