OneIT Financial Systems Support

Financial Services Access Request Form (FS Employees Only)

Financial Services Access Request Form (FS Employees Only) This form is for Financial Services use only to request access to: Banner, RACF, NCID and Core Banking. Other departments needing Banner Finance and/or 49er Mart access must complete the Request for Banner Finance/49er Mart Access. This access requires completion of two Canvas courses: Banner Finance Training […]

Chart of Accounts: Fund Hierarchy

Last Updated: September 1, 2023 Chart of Accounts: Fund Hierarchy Contact Email:

Banner Organization Code/Financial Manager Chart

Last Updated: September 1, 2023 Banner Organization Code/Financial Manager Chart Purpose: Chart of Banner Organization and Financial Management Codes. Contact Email:

Banner HR Quick Reference Card

Banner HR Quickcard Purpose: Banner HR QuickCard Reference Contact Email: Last Updated: March 13, 2017

Banner Finance/49er Mart

To determine the specific area of training required, review the guide below. Departmental financial responsibilities Users who have departmental financial responsibilities, including grants administration, budget management, use Finance reports or initiate financial paperwork, complete Purchase and purchase approval Users who purchase or approve the purchase of goods and services or enter receiving through 49er Mart, […]

Banner Web Time Entry (WTE)

Target Audience: Student Employment Coordinators and others responsible for approving timesheets for student and non-student temporary employees. Overview: This documentation focuses on web time entry, approving time, and establishing proxies in the Banner Self-Service system. Resources: On May 27, 2023, Banner WTE received an updated interface with improved navigation. Although many of the existing features […]

Electronic Personnel Action Form

Electronic Personnel Action Form Overview: This documentation focuses on entering EPAFs for Part Time Faculty, Special Payments, and Student workers. Resources: EPAF General Instructions (UPDATED: 10/5/2018) Hire Part Time Faculty – E50PTF (Includes instructions for E50CE – Continuing Ed) Hire Part Time EPA Staff – E50PTS Special Pay for Full Time Employee – E45SP Last […]

ePrint User Guide

Banner ePrint Instructions Purpose: This guide provides instructions for Banner ePrint features used in viewing and printing Banner financial reports on the web. Banner access is required to view reports on Banner ePrint. Adobe Acrobat® Reader and a NinerNET ID and password are needed to use Banner ePrint. Last Updated: February 20, 2023

Chart of Accounts: Fund Types

UNC Charlotte Fund Types Purpose: Table of UNC Charlotte Fund Types and their descriptions. Last Updated: November 13, 2014

Banner Rule Codes

Banner Rule Codes Purpose: To provide a list of Banner rule codes. Rule codes are defined system codes that determine how transactions are handled, e.g., determine ledgers posted to, budget bucket to place a budget transaction, helps identify the transaction source, and helps to segregate different types of transactions. Rule codes are found on form […]